Below are some of the questions we commonly answer. If you need additional information about our warranty, click here. We also offer specific details on how to care for your spa cover here.

Foam upgrades serve two main purposes: insulation factor (R- value) & strength. The thicker the foam or higher the density, the better insulating and stronger the cover. To get the best cover possible, increase both the thickness and density.
We use a specifically engineered marine vinyl made to withstand UV rays, cold, mildew, and bacteria.
The fastener length is another name we use for the length of the tie down straps. The length is measured from the bottom of the foam to the start of the buckle.
Many people are opting to buy a low cost internet special that is generally sold by a third party internet broker who never even sees the cover. You need to note that low prices often mean lower quality. In addition, the warranties offered are typically exaggerated with the idea that a customer will never redeem it because the customer is ultimately responsible for shipping costs. Local dealers using a local manufacturer have the ability to truly honor a warrant issue should one occur. Lastly, a local manufacture means the product is truly American-made!
Cover care is simple. Simply wash the cover with mild soap and water and treat with a marine grade vinyl specific conditioner. We recommend 303 Aerospace Protectant. (See more maintenance tips)

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